Mark's Ski Course - Week 9(9/Mar/2009)


Monday and Tuesday this week were probably the coldest days we've had the whole time we have been at Whistler with temperatures getting as low as -25°C with wind chill making it feel like -35°C - good job I'm used to skiing east coast USA where temperatures get this low on a regular basis.

I think this week was the week were I finally realised the appeal of Whistler, unlike the Sundayriver which is all about on-piste groomed terrain with a few glades, Whistler is much more about skiing off-piste, seeing an area of snow and just skiing it, unfortunately with Whistler having such a poor snow year so far the amount of available off-piste terrain has been limited and what terrain is available has only very thin cover so you are always having to worry about damaging your ski's. On the plus side we have had the benefit of an instructor who knows the terrain exceptionally well and skied some really fun terrain.

This week we skied the Blackcomb glacier again, which I really didn't enjoy last time when it had much deeper snow, this time round the snow was much moe packed down and although there were still bumps they were much smaller, that and the fact my skiing has improved since the last time. Even so it still highlights what I see as the main downside to Whistler/Blackcomb which is that there are only a small amount of lifts and quite often you have to cruise down cat tracks to get back to the lift, the prime example being the 6.5 mile track back to the lift from the glacier.


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