Mark's Ski Course - Week 7(23/Feb/2009)


It seems that although President's week was busy it wasn't busy enough and in general Whistler is having one of it's worst seasons on record, as a result the Alltracks group received an email over the weekend stating that due to re-structuring within the ski school two of our instructors had been assigned to different tasks and we would have two new instructors from Monday. On Monday we found out just how bad a year Whistler is having, the reason for changes in instructors was because over the weekend the ski school had laid off one hundred of their adult ski instructors.

Sunday/Monday sees the first significant snow fall since we have been at Whistler with over a foot of fresh snow and it was still snowing on the Monday morning. So now we have the chance to learn how to ski powder without having to worry about passing an exam at the same time.

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We get more snow Monday and Tuesday night so by the end of Wednesday we are all actually enjoying skiing powder rather than looking at with some trepidation. The only downside of the week was that we didn't have fresh snow on Wednesday night but their were still piles of untouched snow around, and unfortunately a combination of the snow being somewhat wind packed and me getting a little too confident meant that I had an argument with a pile of snow and ended up falling on and stressing the sciatic nerve in my right leg, initially I felt fine but about 10 minutes later after we got out of the snow field and the adrenalin had worn off my leg starts to feel slightly dead so the instructor takes me into Ski Patrol. Patrol didn't think I'd done anything serious but recommend that I don't ski anymore that day and try and take it easy for the next few days.

Fortunately Friday is one to one day so I don't have to ski as much as the previous days, unlike the previous one to one session this instructor has thought about the areas that I need to work on and has a plan for the session and as a result my skiing improves quite a bit.

Unfortunately I also get the information that I half suspected but didn't really want to hear, although my skiing is improving it will take a lot of work to get it up to the level 2 standard, though not impossibly so, and that whilst I did well in my level 1 teaching the time required to get skiing up to level 2 standard would mean I would have very little time to learn new teaching skills. However it seems the instructors have been talking about me and whilst they think I deserve a medal for actually being here they are concerned as to whether I am physically capable of doing the level 2 course as the two ski improvement days are a lot harder than the level 1 and whenever I get into the higher areas of the Whistler/Blackcomb terrain amd have to push myself even a little I find it very hard to catch my breath.

As a result I won't be doing my level 2, which is a little depressing, just when I think I'm recovered from all the previous medical problems something crops up to remind me that I am still recovering. Whilst it may be a little depressing it is perhaps a good reminder that I still have to be careful and take more precautions than perhaps other people do. On the plus side it means I can work on my skiing and take my level 2 exam in the early part of next season.

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