Mark's Ski Course - Week 6(16/Feb/2009)


Presidents week - or in theory the week that Whistler should be absolutely packed. This is the non-skiing week of the course were all the people on the course are split into three groups to so that we can do the non ski instructor aspects of the Alltracks program these are First Aid, Avalanche awareness training and back country adventure.

For those of you that have been following my progress to date you will know that I did my avalanche training the previous weekend so for me this week was just first aid and back country, given all the medical fun and games I've been through during the past two years I decided not to do the back country adventure as it invlolved even more hiking than the avalanche training which I found really work due to the cold air and altitude.

Prior to coming on the Alltracks course I checked to see if I needed to do the first aid course having recently done a first aid course in the UK which gave me a certification vald for three years, I was informed that the course was much more related to snow and mountain conditions and not just a standard first aid course. I got to the course venue early and had a quick chat with the instructor and was told that the course he was running was a standard two red cross and that if I already had a valid qualification then I should go and enjoy the snow rather than do the course again.

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