Mark's Ski Course - Week 10(16/Mar/2009)


So it's the last week nobody is preparing for an exam so it's a week for fun and skiing. Throughout the previous weeks of the course the average snow depth at Whistler has been about 130cm. This week the forecast is for snow, and boy did we get it, by the end of the week the snow depth is upto 260cm - looks like it's setting up to be just perfect for when Helen arrives.

Our instructor from the previous couple of weeks is away for the first couple of days so we get on the Monday and Tuesday we get instructors from the previous weeks including the instructor from the very first week who wants to see the difference in us from the very first week that she took us.

For the last two days we get our instructor of the two previous weeks back and you can probably count on one hand the number of groomed trails we skied on those two days. Whilst I wouldn't say that I skied through the trees with the greatest of ease at high speed, I did ski through the trees competently, safely and in control.

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