Mark's Ski Course

 December 2008

These pages will act as a sort of diary(in this day and age more properly called a blog) for my time on the ski instructor course I am taking at Whistler .

Ever since the first time Helen and I went skiing together in 2001 and her ski instructor asked if I was free for the rest of the season I've had an ambition/dream to be a ski instructor.

After an all too close encounter with cancer last year (2007), a number of things have come together such that I can now take a step towards fulfilling this dream by attending an 11-Week ski instructor course at Whistler.

The course I am doing is arranged through a company called Alltracks ; there are a number of companies that organise this type of course however Alltracks met most of the criteria I had, however if anybody else is planning to do something like this; it is worth defining a set of criteria for yourself and seeing which company most closely meets them.


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