The Chemo Blues... By Suenami

The Chemo Blues....... 

I woke up this morning - no hair on my head 
I looked in the mirror and said - At least you ain't dead                        

I'm hot then I'm cold at the same time 
And for everytime I'm sick I wish they'd give me a dime 


I've got the chemo blues 
C H E M O......chemo........blues 

They call me Suenami - just like the storm 
Cause I''ve had to fight since the day I was born 
And now I've got cancer but just wait and see 
Cancer's not going to make a corpse out of me. 


My friends and my family have been there for me 
And when this is all over - they'll certainly see 
That cancer couldn't get me as hard as it tried 
Cause I'm Suenami Draper and I'm not ready to die 


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